Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Week of 5-27-19

9th Grade

Monday (5-27) No School
Tuesday- Review Study Guide
Wednesday- FINAL!!!
Thursday- Candy Bar...
Friday- ...

8th Grade

Posters Due... presenting this week! 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week of 5-20-19

9th Grade

(5-20)Monday- Keystone(pd 1) Neutralization Reactions

Tuesday- Spartan Games pH lab and Neutralization Reactions
Wednesday- Keystone (pd 1)  Wrap Up Acid-Base
Thursday- Final Review and Study Guide
Friday- Final Review and Study Guide
FINAL: Wednesday, May 29th

8th Grade PSSA

Completing Posters This Week! Due for all classes: May 28th

Friday, May 10, 2019

Week of 5-13-19

9th Grade

(5-10)Monday- Complete Part 2 of test, Recap Ionic Bonding
Tuesday-Acid and Base Intro Lab
Wednesday- Acid, Base, pH Notes and Create a pH Scale
ThursdaypH Testing
Friday- pH and Biology Article 

8th Grade PSSA

Part 2 of Project Due Tuesday (Day B) and Wednesday (Day A)

Friday, May 3, 2019

Week of 5-6-19

9th Grade

(5-6)Monday- Building DNA Activity 
Tuesday-Finish DNA Activity and Questions
Wednesday- DUE: DNA Structures and Questions
Get Study Guide
ThursdayGo Over Study Guide/ Review
Friday- Hydrocarbon and Biological Macromolecule Test

8th Grade PSSA
Yay!! :) You've completed the Science PSSA's! 

Starting Science in the News Project this week! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Week of 4-29-19

9th Grade

(4-29)Monday- Finish Human Genome Video
Tuesday- DUE: Video Paper and Word Search with Definitions
DNA Fingerprinting Simulation
Wednesday- Structure of DNA Model Activity
ThursdayStructure of DNA Model Activity
Friday- Structure of DNA Model and Questions Due Last Day
 (Due Monday)

8th Grade PSSA
All PSSA Practice Packets Due by the end of the Week
Periodic Table Practice 

PSSA's Thursday and Friday! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Week of 4-22-19

9th Grade

(4-22)Monday- Protein News Article
Tuesday- Formation of Peptides/ Dehydration Synthesis
Wednesday- Peptide Practice
Thursday- Dehydration Synthesis: Carbohydrates and Fatty Acids
Friday- 9th Grade Holocaust Museum Trip

8th Grade PSSA
Universe and Solar System Review 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Week of 4-15-19

9th Grade

(4-15)Monday- Intro to Amino Acid Structure
Tuesday- Formation of Peptides/ Dehydration Synthesis
Wednesday- Peptide Practice
Thursday- Protein and Peptide Sequences
Friday- NO SCHOOL! :) Happy Easter!

8th Grade PSSA
Reviewing the Scientific Method